Anti Skeptic Shampoo - Unique Pro


For use on:

Thinning hair and hair-loss.

How it works:

The Anti-Skeptic Shampoo for hair loss is used to strengthen roots with the patented BETOFIX™ technology. The active Tea Tree Oil is used to stimulate the scalp. The BETOFIX™ technology has been scientifically proven as a long term solution to hair loss and thinning. sls\sles, phosphate and paraben free

Directions of use:

Wash first with regular shampoo to rid the hair of dirty and oily deposits. Then apply desired amount of Saryna Key Anti-Skeptic Shampoo in to your hair and work into lather. Massage into scalp thoroughly for two minutes and rinse well. For best results, use two to three times per week and follow with Anti-Skeptic Treatment Ampoules.